“It will always evolve and change. No exercise program or movement experience should remain fixed. Our bodies and minds respond to variety in dynamic practice.”

—Annabel Castaldo


Prevent and correct posture faults! Reverse postural weakness and muscle imbalance caused by technology, sitting, aging and modern living. Posture-specific sequences are organized into mobilization and stabilization tracks designed to improve coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. All levels welcomed, including those rehabbing injuries, those with spine pathologies and osteoporosis. PostureIQ is also perfect for those who wish to move at a more deliberate and mindful pace to get a deeper understanding of good bio-mechanics and alignment. If you own a computer, this one’s for you!


NOT your average barre. In fact, you won’t recognize it. Strengthening for knees and backs, safe for osteoporosis, and corrective for postural faults, this barre focuses on full-range, articulated movement with absolutely no tucking, micro-movements (they don’t work) or down-ups. Integrating the precision of PostureIQ, the full-body movement of Pilates and a touch of ballet, PostureIQ Barre tones and tightens the derriere, core, legs and arms. The class is open to all levels.

Pilates with Annabel

Strengthening the physical body, cultivating  body awareness, and stress release are the goals of this Pilates fusion class. Simply put, it’s unconventional Pilates matwork with a twist. Somedays, we may use foam rollers, stability cushions and balls, somedays will do barre work and weights and sometimes all three! With 20 years of teaching and training under her belt, Annabel has a lot to offer in her intelligent, flow classes that work the body from tail to brain. Above all, she emphasizes alignment, focus and breath in each exercise and encourages all students to work at their own level and pace, mindfully. Level 2 advanced beginners and up welcomed.

Private Posture Assessments

This session is available as a 60-minute posture assessment and introduction to PostureIQ or a 30-minute postural assessment. Discovering your unique postural and muscular imbalances is essential to any safe and effective exercise regime and relevant to all PHYSIQA classes. Recommended for new beginners, and those suffering from chronic pain or injury and fitness enthusiasts who want more significant results. You’ll learn activation and release techniques and modifications specific to your posture type. Please email directly for more information or to schedule.


Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life – body, mind and soul.Nia is a non- impact cardio-dance workout practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers.


Reverse the symptoms and postural faults associated with osteoporosis and osteopenia. Practice bone building fitness and learn to minimize risk of fracture during workouts and in daily life. OsteoFit is challenging, fun and safe focusing on exercises that emphasize balance, strength, core and hip stability.