“There is value in exercise performed with precision, elegance and awareness. Our job is to facilitate that.”

—Annabel Castaldo

Annabel Castaldo

For 20 years, Annabel Castaldo has taught Pilates, Yoga and barre classes. Trained in the Physical Mind Pilates School, she is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified teacher who brings enormous expertise and deep knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to all her classes. As an innovator, in 2004 she developed her own Postural Reconditioning Method, a system that integrates Pilates with neuromuscular rehabilitation and functional movement. Annabel is also the creator of Barrelates, a barre and Pilates blend that has evolved from her days at the Lotte Berk Method in NYC. PostureIQ® is her newest development, a culturally relevant alignment practice designed to reverse the effects of our tech based lifestyles. Passionately dedicated to each student, she has unique ability to attend to individual student needs while keeping the class moving and flowing. Annabel’s classes are always evolving and changing, interesting and fun!

Sarah Young

Sarah Young’s experience with her own spinal injury and postural reconditioning inspires and informs every aspect of her work. Committed to a holistic approach to body mechanics, she draws upon numerous certifications in yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, bodywork and TRX® to build customized programming unique to each client and to teach dynamic group classes addressing a wide variety of postural and functional issues. Sarah works in fitness settings and at a medical practice to help clients safely build strength, rehabilitate injury and improve overall function.

Rebeca Sanchez

Rebeca embraces movement as expression and a powerful healing modality; whether it’s been through ethnic, modern, and improvisational dance, or the practice of Yoga asana (postures), movement has been a part of her development and formation since childhood.  The eight limb path of Yoga has been a foundation of her self healing tools/repository since she began practicing and studying over 20 years ago.  Rebeca works as an acupressure massage therapist and Acu-Yoga, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga instructor in private practice and imbues her classes with the philosophies and wisdom of these healing lineages and teachings.  She is honored to form a part of the teaching team at Physiqa under the mentorship of Annabel Castaldo.

Lorna Moglia

Lorna was trained and certified by founder Debbie Rosas in “Nia, the Art of Sensation” and “Nia Moving to Heal” On Sunday mornings she collaborates with Nia teachers from many parts of the world, delving deeper into this amazing practice, facilitated by the Still & Moving Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Lorna perceives life as a dance of creative expression, a story through movement and art, and we are the moving sculpture. Lorna’s other passions include: designing glass art jewelry and bronze sculptures (, tap dancing, rock climbing, hiking, biking, urban mushing, being by the sea, creating special moments with family and friends, and participating in volunteer efforts like Lake Merritt Breakfast Club and Oakland’s Children’s Fairyland. Lorna believes through movement we find health, vibrancy, creative expression and joy. She believes that every person has the ability to discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their potential by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies! Based in Oakland California, Lorna currently teaches Classic Nia at the Hills Swim & Tennis Club and at PHYSIQA. Allow Lorna to assist you with self-healing. Join her for Classic Nia! Each 60- minute, barefoot cardio routine is a holistic fusion of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts (like yoga). Nia uses whole-body expressive grounded movements. These movements are masterfully crafted and choreographed to inspiring music for body, mind wellness and fitness.